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Parish Council

In accord with the St. Mary, Queen of Peace Syro-Malankara Catholic Eparchy of USA and Canada, the community has a vibrant and active Parish Council (“Council”). Elections are conducted annually in November during a General Body meeting to elect Council members for the following calendar year.  The Council is comprised of the Pastor, Secretary, Treasurer, Pastoral Council Representatives, Sunday School Principal, and the Presidents of the Parish units of the Malankara Catholic Youth Movement (MCYM), Malankara Catholic Association (MCA) and Mothers’ Forum and additional council members. The Council assists the Pastor in all the aspects of the temporal administration of the Parish. In all juridical affairs, the Pastor represents the Parish (CCEO c. 290 § 1).

The 2020 Parish Council is comprised of the following office bearers:

  • Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dr. Peter Kochery Cor-Episcopo, Pastor
  • Rev. Fr. Jobin Thomas, Associate Pastor
  • Dr. T. J. Thomas, Parish Secretary
  • Mr. Geevarughese Mathew, Parish Treasurer
  • Dr. Thresia Thomas, Eparchy Pastoral Council Representative – 3 Year Term
  • Mr. Ansel Vijayan, Eparchy Pastoral Council Representative – 3 Year Term
  • Mr. Saji K. Varughese, MCA President
  • Mrs. Susan Thomas, Mothers Forum President
  • Mr. Akshay Varughese, Malankara Catholic Youth Movement (MCYM) President
  • Mr. Antony Jacob, Parish Council Member
  • Mr. Philip John, Parish Council Member
  • Mrs. Suma Simon, Parish Council Member
  • Mr. Thomas K. Thomas, Parish Council Member
  • Mr. Sunny Thomas, Catechism Principal / Malankara Catholic Children League (MCCL) Coordinator

  • Other Ministries:
    • Mr. Thomas Karakattu, Internal Auditor (Elected)
    • Mr. Rens George, MCYM Animator (Appointed)
    • Mrs. Anisha Varughese, MCCL Animator (Appointed)
    • Mr. John P. Varghese, IT Director (Appointed)
    • Mrs. Emin Cecil, Art Director (Appointed)
    • Mr. George Rens, MCCL President (Elected)

A detailed annual activity and financial reports are prepared by the Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.  The financial report is reviewed by the internal auditors initially and followed by the Parish Council. After obtaining approval from the Parish Council the reports are submitted to the General Body every January. After receiving approval from the General Body, the reports are signed by the Pastor, Secretary and Treasurer and then submitted to the Bishop for review and approval. All financial matters are subject to review by the Eparchy Finance Officer.